Energy Storage


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Next Generation Energy Storage

Do you want to take your new home off-grid, worry - free and generator free?

Think your home is too large or your consumption is too much? Think again! We can help you create a system based on ultra-modern lithium ion technologies that are 98% efficient. You'll need fewer solar panels and a smaller charger then you might have thought...

Lead acid is only 55%-65% energy efficient in practice. Nickel Iron has better cycle life, but is also woefully inefficient at 60-75%. 

A properly configured lithium ion system is 98% or higher energy efficient, and can last 20 years if you choose the right chemistry for your application and manage them properly. That's with NO maintenance at all.

Ultra modern lithium ion battery technologies have enabled energy storage concepts that were not economical just five years ago. Furthermore, properly managed modern lithium ion batteries can provide 98% efficiency, relative to 60% at best efficiency for lead acid storage banks. Moreover, lithium ion storage banks do not require constant float charges, equalization charges, and the manual maintenance of just five years ago. This can reduce your data-center's UPS systems power requirements by many kilowatts.

The difference between an energy storage solution that saves you money and lasts twenty years without maintenance, and a system that requires regular cell replacement, massive ongoing "hidden" energy costs can be a as small as cell selection or as obvious as a properly configured battery management system.

Take advantage of ultramodern technology and improve the efficiency of your existing system or your to-be deployed system. Contact us directly to discuss.