12s Converted Model S Module, 5.4 kWh, 50.4 V max

12s Converted Model S Module, 5.4 kWh, 50.4 V max

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Tesla Model S battery Module converted to 12 series (12s) from 6 series (6s)

We are the only folks in the world who offer a fully engineered conversion of Model S modules for higher voltage applications.

This conversion allows a single module to be used for some 36V or 48V applications, instead of requiring two modules.
They are also excellent for custom EV conversions where the owner wants to use Tesla modules but needs a 300V-400V system with 6-8 modules instead of 12-16 modules.

The conversion doubles the voltage and halves the Ah capacity.

A 12s module will be:
Min Voltage = 33.6V
Max Voltage = 50.V
Ah Capacity = 122Ah (modules from 90kwh vehicles)
Ah Capacity = 114Ah (modules from 60/70/75/85kwh vehicles)

12s modules are generally available on a made-to-order basis with stock depending on our current stock of standard 6s modules.
Sometimes we have extra units in stock from a recent run.
Contact us directly.